kathrynlinge (kathrynlinge) wrote,

Goodbye! Gallery

I am chucking heap of art - everything in the Goodbye! Gallery. Most of the pieces are the 5-15 minute warm up drawings at the start of each lifedrawing class. They range in quality (and the *really* crappy ones I haven't bothered photographing). There are some specific classes that I'd still like to do a post about at some point (the monoprints and the 'movement' pics).

Some of these will be torn up to be used as coloured paper in the collage class this Wednesday; the rest will find their home in the recycling bin the week after. However, if anyone wants any of these then let me know before then and maybe we can work out some way to get them to you. They range in sizes - from A4 to A0 (A4 in particular would be easy to post :-).

(PS: girliejones and exp_err - your art meme pieces are still to be posted anyway so it would be no trouble slipping in A2 or smaller into your packages anyway!)
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