Moo, Phew.

Christmas Eve Christmas Day  Christmas Night
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Christmas Night

Deadline for the MOO Holiday Card Designs is 11.59pm, November 30th GMT. I didn't get my pictures submitted to the flickr group until after midnight, however Perth is 9 hours ahead of GMT all is ok :-)

I'm very pleased with how these turned out. After the very English pudding and the brussels sprouts cards, I really wanted to make a card that said something about Christmas in Australia. I had the idea of baubles in a gum tree early on, but it did seem a bit... obvious. However, then I had another spark of inspiration, while I was making cards from my first three MOO designs[1]. MOO is all about taking a design or a photo and cropping it to make something unique. I decided, therefore, to make a card that can be cropped in any number of ways so that, theoretically, every card could be truly original. This design can be printed in portrait or landscape, cropped in close or far away. The baubles can be centred or on one side. If you really want you can crop the baubles out entirely!

I started with Christmas Day (then untitled), with the background representing the intense blue of an Australian summer sky. However, exp_err suggested the leaves would also look good with a sunset, so as well as I also created Christmas Eve (the sunset) and even Christmas Night too. I won't say how long the card took, partly cos I'm not sure ezactly and partly cos it's potentially embarrassing how much time I spent on this. I will say, however, that every frickin leaf was drawn individually by frickn hand. Slowly.

Still, it turns out that (apart from the time eating), I love hand-drawing stoopid leaves so I did enjoy it. Actually, I'm kinda obsessed with leaves now. I look at other trees and wonder how they'd look if I drew em indifricknslowly as well. I'm resisting for the moment.

Anyway, I gotta get up a stoopid hour tomorrow to go to Adelaide so I will leave it at that for now.

[1] Which have been delivered but I don't get to see until next week!!!
Ooh, that's a pretty awesome Australian Xmas image. Especially the traditional summer sky one. I very much like the fricken leaves.

(Nice colour choices of shiny things wrt the sky in each case)

(And now I'll go to bed and stop trying to figure out what species of friggen Eucalypt that might be)
hehe. Thanks!! I would be very pleased if you could tell me the species. I is having no idea!

(I have other pictures of the tree if that would help, or we could go and inspect it - is at parents house).

Also. I have startling new evidence that the mulberry tree has grown *heaps* in the last 2 years. Will post evidence upon my return ( in Adeladie still)
Wow - they turned out really well. I especially love Christmas Night.
Is there a link where I can buy some of these for Christmas this year?