Technorati Rankings: Top Ten of Aus Spec Fic

Last July, John Scalzi made a list of the Top 50 Personal Blogs in SF/F and then updated it 6 months later in December. I only found these lists in late July this year and, out of interest, I decided to have a look at the rankings for Australian Speculative Fiction blogs. I discovered them today whilst cleaning out my inbox and, as it follows on fairly nicely from the Snapshot, I thought I may as well update and publish them.

It seemed a bit pointless to go for fifty, given that I only looked at about 45 blogs all up. Therefore, here are the Top 10 Personal Blogs in Australian Speculative Fiction, according to Technorati ranking. For interest, I've included Technorati ranking and authority for both today and when I first looked in late July. Also, there was a tie for 10th place and therefore there are actually eleven :-)

Blog Authority Today Authority Late July
1 Justine Larbalestier http://justinelarbalestier.com/blog 210 21876 214 21371
2 Scott Westerfeld http://scottwesterfeld.com/blog 185 26176 202 22783
3 Max Barry http://www.maxbarry.com 165 29945 152 32736
4 Ben Peek http://benpeek.livejournal.com 73 76317 67 83917
5 Gillian Polack http://gillpolack.livejournal.com 65 86966 65 86877
6 Simon Haynes http://halspacejock.blogspot.com 60 95413 84 65114
7 John Birmingham http://birmo.journalspace.com 55 105673 64 88442
8 Jonathan Strahan http://www.jonathanstrahan.com.au/wp 52 112760 56 103283
9 Alisa Krasnostein http://girliejones.livejournal.com 42 144996 40 148653
10 Stephanie Gunn http://azhure.livejournal.com 40 153346 40 153143
10 Grant Watson http://angriest.livejournal.com 40 153346 37 167072

Some notes:
Psst! It's JOHN Scalzi. Also isn't Scott Wsterfield an American?
Phew. I thought you meant me for a minute! (I used to make that error all the time)
Doh. Fixed now. I think in my mind he was getting mixed up with Robert Scoble :-O

Yes, Westerfeld is American and it could definitely be argued that he shouldn't be included. I've included him mostly because he does spend a reasonable amount of time in Aus and he's reviewed on ASif! (thanks to his marriage to Justine L). If ppl want to argue that he shouldn't be included, I'd be happy to take that on board. I doubt he'd notice if he got kicked out :-)
The double blog thing confuses things, doesn't it? My LJ authority was way higher till I started my food blog. I'm a bit surprised it's as high as it is, to be honest, but pleased.

Thank you for doing this - it's interesting.
Yeah - Simon's an interesting case, given both blogs have the same content. I don't think it's as simple as adding the two authority numbers together, as it's highly likely that people have linked to both blogs giving him effectively 2 authority points instead of one. And it's important to remember that, ultimately, it doesn't really matter if two blogs 'dilute' the overall ranking anyway. I doubt anybody writes blogs for a high technorati ranking alone. They write them to gain exposure, impart knowledge, get a fan base, whatever. The technorati ranking may indicate they're being successful in these ventures but, then again, it might not. Ultimately the success of a blog should be measure in sales or readers, etc. These, of course, are much harder to track.

So if Simon's decision to have two blogs dilutes his ranking but gives him a wider (if immeasurably so) audience, then it's probably the right move.

I'm assuming this is Australians writing about Australian Spec Fic or I'd be in there somewhere... methinks...

Cool post, interesting!
Well... if Scott Westerfeld is in it, then I can't see why you shouldn't be in it. My selection criteria was pretty arbitrary cos initially I was just checking out people's rankings, without any real intention to blog it. But then I did :-)

Again, if anyone knows of someone who should be counted, I'd love to know. I'm sure my data is pretty skewed ATM.
Is Max Barry SF? I haven't read anything by him, but Q reading "The Company" at the moment, which doesn't seem particularly SF...
OH, just remembered he's the Jennifer Govt guy which yes, ok, is SF...
Yeah - I only thought of him late in the piece - same as John Birmingham.

If anyone thinks of others that should be included, pls let me know...
Also, can you let me know if 'The Company' is any good? I thought Jennifer Govt was... average.

(am supposed to be reviewing JG for Asif sometime, but it's currently packed in a box)
Heh. Except... by simply writing this post, I (should) have increased Sean's authority by one, giving him 20. But because I linked to you during the Snapshot, your authority won't increase. So now you're equal :-)
Thanks for the mention, but 101 Reasons to Stop Writing really isn't appropriate for this list, because a) it's not a personal blog -- I try to keep personal entries to a minimum, and then only when it impacts the blog; b) it's not focused on specfic, though it leans that way because many of my readers are specfic writers, and because my frequent contributor, Paul Riddell, prefers to concentrate his ire on bad SF; and c) I'm not a writer, at least not in the category you're investigating here.

Moving the blog to a new domain didn't "drop" my ranking: as far as Technorati is concerned it's a new blog, starting at 0 again. Now I just have to convince everyone who linked to the old blog to update their links!

I think your analysis is interesting because it shows that Technorati ranking is such a moving target. Probably best if we don't obsess about it.

Yes - sorry - that's what I meant. 101 reasons Technorati ranking had been set back to zero and was increasing once again. Actually I was impressed at how high it had got after a relatively short time at the new address.

I take your points about the suitability of 101 Reasons and won't include it in future lists (should I do them). Although heavily populated by writers, the list isn't exclusive to them, and ideally should include reviewers, artists, whatever. It's also highly skewed by whom I am aware of. If I was less lazy, I could have gone through the 83-odd people interviewed for the snapshot and got more blogs to check out.

And you're absolutely right about the moving target - person x gets a few more links, but so do people y and z. Not to mention the thousands of new blogs that have been created in that time. It's a never ending race. And probably a meaningless never ending race at that!
Well, maybe 101 Reasons is useful as a comparison -- if a blog about not writing is doing better, ranking-wise, than almost all the blogs on the list, it certainly means ... something. If it serves to knock people down a peg, it's for the greater good.

Ranking is a useful performance metric if blog content is a priority for the blogger. It can quickly let you know if people are reading your blog for your incisive commentary, or for the "my cat did something funny" posts. Beyond that, it's probably an indicator of "reach", or how many times you're on someone's "Writers I Read" blogroll.

Any science fiction writer who isn't secretly fascinated by information statistics like this is really a fantasy writer.
Just an update to this old post: You were curious at the time about how long it would take for 101 Reasons at the new address to "regain" its original ranking. Well, the new site now has a Technorati Authority of 132, just ahead of the old blog's peak. Only took four months! The old site's Authority has dropped to 74, probably because of many links having been updated (and many that haven't and probably won't be).

Ah, Technorati. You still taunt me.
Cool. I've been thinking ove going through everyone again to see if there have been any big changes in the last 6 months. Must add to list of things to do... :-)
very interesting, but I don't agree with you