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  1. Lifedrawing
    I have found myself a new lifedrawing group, and have attended the last two weeks. It's a bit different from the class I was doing in the UK, as it's not a class per se. There's no teacher - you just turn up, draw for a bit, and go home. There's a couple of disadvantages to that. Firstly, if you're doing something wrong, you kinda have to work out what that is by yourself. There doesn't seem to be *so* much exploration of alternative media - mostly people seem to be using pencil/charcoal and I think it could be easy to get into a rut where you turn up every week, do the same thing as last time, then leave again. I'm going to try and set different exercises for each class and I decided in the class this week (on Tuesday) that I'd try and concentrate on drawing heads and faces. Most of my efforts were pretty crap, but I'll keep practicing.

    There's a couple of advantages too, though. Firstly, it's really really frigging cheap! $7 for 2.5 hours, plus a glass of wine (red) or oj. Also, I'm not locked into any sort of course so i can attend or not as I like. Everyone seems very nice too and there's a good spread of people attending. The picture featured here was from my 'Head and Faces' class, but the head wasn't really obvious from my spot so I went for the whole body instead.

    This group is my first foray into the 'art community' here in WA. I look forward to finding stuff out.

  2. Comics
    When I got my new computer, it came with a program called 'Comic Life', which allows you to make up comics from photos, etc, etc. Never did I think that I'd actually use it, so I'm glad I've had the opportunity to do so :-)

  3. Book
    Oh, yeah. And Ben Peek's new book Black Sheep is now out. I have plans to read it in about 2.3 books time...

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